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by KChapin | Posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Katelyn Chapin
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Missourians mushroom hunt for a variety of reasons. Some only look for edible species; others enjoy finding and identifying all kinds. Some of us just enjoy “the hunt” and spending time in Missouri’s beautiful forests. Whatever the reason, it’s a sure-fire way to have a fun time by yourself or with your family and friends. Between late March and early November, after a few good rainy days, it’s always a treat to go out and see what kind of mushrooms you can find. When searching for edible mushrooms, it’s best to use a basket or netted bag to spread spores around ensuring more mushrooms for all! If you’re like me, you’ll just enjoy wandering through the woods and finding new species to identify. Purchasing a book on Missouri’s wild mushrooms is the best way to become familiar with different types of fungi beyond the morels. There are so many here in Missouri to check out, some edible, some inedible and some very dangerous. When thinking about collecting some mushrooms, remember these simple rhymes: “Pores of red, may put you to bed”; “Bruising blue, is not for you”; and “When in doubt, throw it out!” Another helpful tip for trying a different batch of mushrooms for the first time is to set a few aside. Doing so can ensure quick expert identification and a speedy remedy in case of an allergic or poisonous reaction. Also, never eat wild mushrooms raw! Many toxins found in mushrooms are destroyed by cooking. Besides morels, there are plenty of delicious Missouri mushrooms including lobster mushrooms, black trumpets and oyster mushrooms (just to name a few). Again, take great caution and preparation when identifying mushrooms. Accurate recognition of some of Missouri’s wild edible mushrooms opens up a whole new world of gourmet cooking. We in Missouri have some of the most beautiful woods in the nation; take the time to explore them! Getting to know our wild mushrooms offers you the opportunity to expand the hunt, your knowledge and love of mushrooms and Missouri.

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